Vaporesso Aurora Play Starter Kit Review

Vaporesso Aurora Play Starter Kit Review
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Today I’ll be reviewing the new Vaporesso Aurora Play Starter Kit. It’s a mouth to lung pod device that has been designed to fit within a Zippo lighter style casing. This is great because one thing I miss about smoking is playing with my Zippo. I loved flicking the top open and closed and generally just fidgeting around with it. Now I can get my nicotine fix via a healthier alternative, while keeping my hands busy thanks to Vaporesso.


On the side of the Vaporesso Aurora Play you will find a small button. Simply click the button 5 times to turn the device on or off. There is also a little LED light that flashes red, blue or green. Sitting just underneath is the USB port for charging. This device has a builtin 650 mAh battery. Which can usually last me a days worth of vaping.

Vaporesso Aurora Play Zippo Pod Starter Kit Review

To vape on the Vaporesso Aurora Play, flip the lid open to expose the mouth piece, which I would like to note is quite comfortable on the lips. The Aurora Play is air activated meaning that all you need to do is inhale and the device will produce vapor. The coil being used is a 1.3-ohm resistance CCell. Many Vaporesso devices take advantage of this coil, as it’s one of the better ones on the market at the moment for pods.

The Vaporesso Aurora Play is capable of holding 2ml’s of eliquid. There’s a little viewing window cut into the side, so you can easily assess how much ejuice you have left. It’s also super easy to fill and you don’t even have to remove the pod from the battery. Simply take the tip off your bottle, push it into the fill hole and squeeze. No fuss and no mess.

Vaporesso Aurora Play Zippo Pod System Starter Kit Review


The Vaporesso Aurora Play Starter Kit is available for $26.88 USD. That is fantastic value for money. I’ve fallen in love with it very quickly. The draw is perfect, the flavor is sensational and it fits into my pocket with no dramas. This is one product I will always carry on me at all times.


The Vaporesso Aurora Play comes in a stylish cardboard box that is colored to match the pod inside. On the front of the packaging is a beautiful image of the Aurora Play. Overall it’s sleek and simple, just like the device itself. On the bottom you can find all the specifications and contents. Inside the box you’ll find your pod, USB cable, spare pod and a 10ml filling bottle.

Vaporesso Aurora Play Starter Kit USA Review

The Aurora Play is 16mm x 79mm x 44m in dimension. Think of a Zippo lighter, only slightly more compact. The edges are rounded making it sit nicely in hand. The outer casing is made of Zinc Alloy, so it has some weight to it. I feel confident that if I were to drop this device, it wouldn’t do too much damage.

Watch the video below for a full break down and close up of the Vaporesso Aurora Play Starter Kit.

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