Vaporesso Gen 220W Box Mod Review

Vaporesso Gen 220W Box Mod Review
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The Vaporesso Gen 220W Box Mod is a luxe, scratch resistant device, that is powered by the new Axon chipset. Vaporesso is killing the vape game in 2019, releasing many popular products like the Aurora Play and Sky Solo Plus. From the instant I saw the Gen 220W Box Mod, I was in love. Their devices always seem to impress me and the Vaporesso Gen 220W Box Mod is no different.

Vaporesso was created by parent company SMOORE, who was established way back in 2006. They are one of the oldest vaping companies still kicking around today. Together they own more than 800 patents and boast a huge back catalog of products ranging from batteries, tanks, mods, and pods.

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Box Mod

The Vaporesso Gen looks much like a standard dual 18650 box mod. It measures 146mm’s by 54mm’s by 30mm’s. The main difference being how they beveled and smoothed out the edges to make it more ergonomic. And it’s not just all about the looks, the Gen Box Mod is also extremely powerful. It can output an amazing 220 watts of power, with a resistance range of 0.03 to 5.0 ohms.

The Gen Box Mod side panels are coated in 4 individual layers of soft-touch rubber. This makes it super comfortable in hand and slip-proof. It also protects your mod from scratches and is even flameproof! Now I’m not sure where this might come in handy, but it’s awesome never less. Knowing that I can throw this mod around without it getting all-beat up is awesome.

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As previously mentioned the Vaporesso Gen 220W Box Mod utilizes the new Axon chipset. It has some really cool features included like the pulse mode, which fires your mod in intervals of 0.02 seconds. You can also save on battery life by changing it to the power eco mode. On top of all of this, you have your usual temperature control, bypass, variable voltage, and also variable wattage modes.

The overall fit and finish of the Gen Box Mod is superb and well worth checking out. It oozes quality craftsmanship that only Vaporesso can pull off. In all honesty, this is hands down one of the finest mods I have ever used and I can highly recommend it for purchase.

Vaporesso Gen 220 Watt Dual 18650 Box Mod Review


You can get the Vaporesso Gen 220W Box Mod right now for just $37.69 USD from Vapesourcing or $85.34 AUD from Vaporfi. Make sure to use our exclusive 12% off coupon code ‘WWM12’ at checkout. I think that’s a fair asking price in comparison to similar kits on the market. As a result I can highly recommend checking this vape out.


The packaging design is pretty good. Simple and so aesthetically pleasing. On the front face is a beautiful picture of the Gen Box Mod that sits atop of a one color background. Various specs can be found on the back. Inside you will find your Vaporesso Gen Mod, micro USB cable, user manual and user guide. It’s available in a handful of sleek colors including silver, black blue, black red and also black.

Watch the video below for a full break down and close up of the Vaporesso Gen 220W Box Mod.

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Vaporesso Gen 220W Box Mod
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