The Vaporesso OSMALL Pod Kit is a brand new, budget-conscious AIO device that features a long battery life and fantastic flavor. Pod systems have quickly become extremely sought-after in 2020. This is because they require little to no previous vaping experience to operate. The Vaporesso OSMALL is an entry-level starter kit that’s perfect for transitioning smokers and also new vapers.

Vaporesso was first established in 2015 by parent company Smoore Technology. They possess over 1,000 different e-cigarette patents that included various heating elements, child protection, and also detection methods. Vaporesso strives to deliver high-quality products that are safe, affordable, and innovative. Keep reading to find out more about the OSMALL Pod Kit.

Vaporesso OSMALL Pod 350mAh Starter Kit Review


The Vaporesso OSMALL Pod Kit is a super tiny and lightweight device that measures 84.2mm’s by 26.5mm’s by 13.4mm’s. As a result, it’s ideal for discreet vaping and will fit perfectly in any sized hand. The textured surface looks and feels so good. It also adds a nice none slip component to the exterior. Overall the OSMALL Pod Kit presents well and is highly functional.

The compact nature of the Vaporesso OSMALL Pod Kit does come at a cost. The 350mAh battery is relatively small and can only output 11 watts of power. This has been purposely done to help extend the usage time of this pod. I was able to get roughly a day’s worth of vaping out of the OSMALL Pod Kit before the depleted battery light displayed. I would have happily sacrificed some size for a larger battery and more power.

Vaporesso OSMALL 11W Pod 2ml Device Review

Using the Vaporesso OSMALL Pod Kit couldn’t be simpler. Just inhale to activate the firing system. It works almost instantly and is also very responsive. The cartridge on top grips the battery unit nicely and is held in place by two strong magnets. It can hold 2ml of eliquid and contains a built-in 1.2ohm coil. It’s relatively easy to refill, just unplug the rubber bung and squeeze in your juice. No mess or fuss to worry about.

The Vaporesso OSMALL Pod Kit produces warm vapor that’s pleasant to taste. This is all thanks to the new flax cotton and non-woven fabric wicking material Vaporesso has utilized. The coil chimney and mouthpiece also play an important role in outputting a silky smooth saturated vape. Cloud production is subtle, but still present. I experienced no leaking or weird flavors from the food safe PCTG cartridge whatsoever.

Vaporesso OSMALL Pod System USA Review


The Vaporesso OSMALL Pod Kit is currently available to buy right now! The cheapest price I could find was just $11.95 USD from EightVape. I think that’s an absolute bargain and well worth a purchase. The low asking price makes it very accessible to a wide range of users. Furthermore, you’d be hard-pressed to find a similar reusable device selling that cheap.


The Vaporesso OSMALL Pod Kit comes in eight different colors that include black, blue, dark blue, dark red, gold, gray, red, and also rose. I think this is a good range to choose from, with suitable options for both males and females. The blue packaging opens from the front and features a neat cutout window. Inside you’ll find your Vaporesso OSMALL device, 1 x coil, MicroUSB cable, and also a user manual.

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