Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Starter Kit Review

Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Starter Kit Review
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Today I’m reviewing the Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus. This starter kit is an all-in-one device that’s perfect for smokers looking to switch to a healthier alternative. The Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Starter Kit contains a battery, mesh coil and glass tank section. There’s not much to fuss around with because the tank is attached to the body. As a result, it’s relatively beginner-friendly and well worth checking out if you’re new to vaping.


The battery section houses a 300mAh battery. This should give you enough battery life to see you through a good day or so worth of vaping. The battery section measures 30mm in diameter. This makes it very nice to hold in the hand. Inside the battery, Vaporesso has utilized its patented Omni Board, which has heaps of built-in safety features.

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The fire button is situated on the front face of the device. The fire button is what controls the entire mod. Five clicks to turn the mod on or off. The button is textured, tactile, and also has a nice click to it. Embedded behind the button is a LED light that will indicate your current battery level.

Included in the Sky Solo Plus Kit are some flavorful GT Mesh coil heads. Mesh is the latest flavor technology that has revolutionized sub-ohm tank vaping. This is because they last a long time and produce some of the best tasting vapor possible. In all honesty, it’s on par with some of my rebuildable tanks.

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For the tank, you have the choice between a 2ml capacity straight tube or a whopping 8ml capacity bubble glass. Now I’m not the biggest fan of how a typical bubble glass looks. It can at times distract from the overall shape of the mod. But for 8ml’s of eliquid, I’ll happily put that aside.

To fill this bad boy up all you have to do is pull off the drip tip, unscrew the lid, and pore. Vaporesso has made this one of the simplest and also easiest devices to use. It takes all the fuss out of vaping and I’m so very grateful for that.

Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Starter Vape Kit Review


This product is can be found online for roughly $34.90 USD or $24.95 AUD. That’s an absolute steal. Good luck finding anything else on the market that good and cheap. I would recommend this device to friends and also family. If you’re after a simple-to-use device, that could even substitute as a spare vape, then get yourself a Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Starter Kit.

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The Sky Solo Plus comes in a nice branded package. The box color is vibrant and also features a beautiful picture of the product on the front face. On the back of the box is a short description, some specifications, and also a content list. Inside you will find your Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Starter Kit, USB charging cable, and spare o-rings.

Watch the video below for a full breakdown and close-up of the Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Starter Kit.

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Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Starter Kit
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