Vaporesso XTRA 16W Pod System Review

Vaporesso XTRA 16W Pod System Review


The Vaporesso XTRA 16W Pod System is a brand new all-in-one vaping device that’s compact, easy to use, and super stylish. The pod trend is booming in 2020 and the Vaporesso XTRA is an excellent option to help you ditch the ciggies for a healthier alternative. The small form factor is specifically designed for maximum comfort and superb performance. Keep reading to find out how it compares to similar devices already dominating the market.

Vaporesso boasts a vast and impressive range of beginner tanks, pods, mods, and also starter kits. This includes the very popular Target PM80 and DEGREE. They’re at the top of their game this year, with every product fairing quite well with new and old vapers. From concept to production, Vaporesso excels at putting together products that look great and meet all the requirements of various vaping types.

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The Vaporesso XTRA 16W Pod System measures just 73.9mm’s by 16.7mm’s by 38.2mm’s and contains a cracking 900mAh integrated rechargeable battery. Vaporesso’s hardware has been highly optimized for longevity, so the battery should last you up to 2 days worth of medium to high usage. This is much longer compared to similar devices. It can also be quickly charged via the MicroUSB port.

The Vaporesso XTRA Pod can output between 11 and 16 watts. This depends on which 2ml eliquid capacity cartridge is installed and how much charge you have. The intelligent chipset will automatically set your wattage and resistance. No need to fuss about with buttons or modes. This type of accessibility makes it perfect for new users that have limited vaping experience.

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To activate the Vaporesso XTRA 16W Pod System, simply drop your cartridge into the recessed magnetic port and inhale. This conveniently activates the device. You can use the power button to turn it off or just wait a short period of time for it to enter sleep mode. The cartridges contain an internal coil that’s closed. This means you cannot replace just the coil and instead need to replace the whole cartridge. I think this is a bit wasteful.

The Vaporesso XTRA 16W Pod System comes with a 0.8ohm mesh coil and also a 1.2ohm ceramic coil. I had no problems refilling the side-mounted port and experienced zero leaks or air bubbles. The overall flavor was pretty good, with minimal vapor. Great for stealthy vapers that like to have a puff while on the go. The mouthpiece section on top is perfectly shaped and rather ergonomic in my honest opinion.

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The Vaporesso XTRA 16W Pod System is currently retailing for $29.99 USD from Heaven Gifts. Replacement cartridges will set you back $9.90 USD for two pieces. I think this is a touch pricey for a low wattage pod. But when considering the superb design, build quality, and ultra comfort; it’s well worth checking out. You could potentially get something cheaper, but it wouldn’t last you as long as a Vaporesso product.


The Vaporesso XTRA 16W Pod System comes in a variety of awesome colors that include grey, rainbow, silver, grey resin, rainbow resin, and also silver resin. The body is made from strong zinc-alloy and the overall weight is minimal. The packaging is also really clever and cool. Inside the box, you’ll find your Vaporesso XTRA 16W Pod, 2 x cartridges with integrated coils, MicroUSB charging cable, and also a user manual.

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Vaporesso XTRA 16W Pod System
Long Lasting Battery
Beautiful Design
Quality Build
Comfortable Mouthpiece
Good Flavor & Minimal Clouds
Low Wattage
A Touch Pricey
Closed Pod System