The VXV RB Pod Kit is a cool and compact device that includes its very own stylish three battery charging dock. Furthermore, it also acts as a convenient little carrying case. The kit includes two cartridges and three rechargeable batteries. This is pretty much everything you need to get started vaping. The VXV RB Pod Kit can provide you roughly 3 to 6 days worth of vaping.

VXVTech is a relatively new vape manufacturer based out of Shenzhen, China. The CEO of VXVTech was the lead designer on the Augvape Merlin Nano RTA project. Their mission is to focus on creating products that are easily accessible to new vapers. I found this statement to be fairly true when testing out their latest product release. Keep reading for a full breakdown of the VXV RB Pod and my honest opinion about it.


This MTL pod is super lightweight and ergonomic in shape. It measures just 105mm’s by 21.4mm’s by 10.4mm’s. It features a neat tattoo style design on the front face. A smart LED light will indicate when the device is firing. The subtle branding on either side isn’t intrusive or distracting. The flavor was decent, with minimal clouds. Each pull was super smooth but didn’t provide as much grunt as I was hoping for.

The 2ml eliquid capacity cartridges are made from a food-safe PCTG material. It contains an internal 1.4 ohm air-blast atomizer that doesn’t leak. To fill your cartridge, just unplug the square grommet on the side and squeeze in your ejuice. It’s relatively easy but can get a tad messy because there’s no additional air hole to prevent pressure build-up. I would have also liked it if the grommet was somehow attached to the cartridge.

The 380 mAh batteries slide perfectly into the base of the device. It took roughly 1.5 hours to charge the two batteries in the provided dock. The dock itself is well made and also features a tattoo style design. It’s currently available in a black or blue color scheme. The device features 6 different built-in safety protections that include low voltage, over-time, over-heating, and also over-charge.


The VXV RB Pod Kit is available to buy right now from a handful of online vendors. The asking price varies greatly and as a result, you can expect to pay anywhere between $27.99 USD and $38.99 USD. In my experience, vape pod charging docks usually go for around the $15 USD to $20 USD mark. So taking this into account, I think overall it’s a decent deal. Just make sure to do your own research and shop around for the best price.


The packaging for the VXV RB Pod Kit is really good. A luxe-looking box contains your VXV RB body, 3 x replacement batteries, 2 x pod cartridges, Mirco USB cable, and also a charging dock. The overall design is consistent and something I wouldn’t be embarrassed to vape on in front of my friends. The dock can be used in multiple ways and is pocket-friendly. It works great as a carry case and a charger.

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VXV RB Pod Kit
Stylish DesignUltimate PortabilityEverything You Need To Get Started Vaping
No Extra Air Hole To Prevent PressureGrommet Isn't Attached

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