Watermelon Lime by Juice Head Freeze Eliquid is an icy fruit blend that’s both sweet and refreshing. Every hit was so sugary, yet not overly sickly. I could easily vape on this ejuice all day without getting tired of its tasty flavor profile. Furthermore, it comes in a NicSalt version that’s perfect for pod-based systems. Watermelon Lime is manufactured by Juice Head, who is based out of California, USA.

The ingredients and concentrates that they’ve used taste excellent. I never experienced any bad hits whilst enjoying this mix. Furthermore, no chemical undertones were present. This is something that good USA brands are known for. This vape juice is conveniently delivered to your door, pre-steeped and ready to vape. The 70VG/30PG ratio will result in big flavorsome clouds that smell and also taste superb!

Watermelon Lime by Juice Head Freeze Ejuice Review


The main flavor profiles in this eliquid are watermelon, lime, and menthol. On the inhale, you’ll be treated to a lovely candied watermelon flavor, similar to a jolly rancher lolly. As the hit approaches, the ripe lime concentrate intertwines itself with the watermelon. This combination works really well together. The acidic tartness of the lime evens out the super sweet watermelon flavor. On the exhale, you will experience a cool rush of menthol.

I’m usually not a fan of watermelon blends; fresh or candied. I find that most ejuices brands put way too much emphasis on the melon profile and as a result, it ends up tasting very sour. Watermelon Lime by Juice Head Freeze has hit the nail on the head. The flavor is extremely palatable and lingers on your taste buds well after the vape has finished. This is a one of a kind mix that any sweet tooth vaper should check out.

Watermelon Lime by Juice Head Freeze Vape Juice Review


A 100ml bottle of Watermelon Lime by Juice Head Freeze Eliquid will set you back $25.99 USD. I think this asking price is in line with similar products on the market. I would have loved to have seen some size variations, so people could try this ejuice out before investing in such a large quantity. You do though save some money when buying in bulk. If you enjoy frozen fruit flavors, then Watermelon Lime is a must-have in your rotation.

Watermelon Lime by Juice Head Freeze Eliquid USA Review


The packaging for Watermelon Lime by Juice Head Freeze Eliquid is modern and visually attractive. The consistent theme across multiple ranges is impressive. The artwork is crisp and reflective of the flavor inside. I like the juicing theme they have got going on. The bottle is your standard chubby gorilla with a needle-thin tip. It makes it super easy to fill or drip into your favorite atomizer.

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Watermelon Lime by Juice Head Freeze Eliquid
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