Wellon Stan Pod Starter Kit Review

Wellon Stan Pod Starter Kit Review
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The Wellon Stan Pod Starter Kit is a good device to get you started on your vaping journey. It can also be a fantastic supplement for any seasoned vaper. Wellon Tech was established in 2013, with its core focus being to design easy to use vape products for the community. Their motto is smaller, smarter and simpler.

Despite an over saturation of pod systems on the market, Wellon has released the Stan in 2019, to great success. The Stan Pod consists of a battery section and refillable cartridge. What makes it different is the look and feel. It’s not just another rebranded product.

WELLON STAN Pod Starter Kit 650mAh Review


The Wellon Stan Pod Starter Kit features a rechargeable 650 mAh internal battery. This is more than enough to get most vapers through the day. Cylindrical in shape, the Stan Pod has a slim diameter of 16mm’s. The outer coating feels like rubber, which makes it very comfortable in hand. On the front face is a translucent button. Five clicks will turn your device on and off. If held in the pod will fire.

Now I have nothing against buttons, but I feel Wellon should have incorporated a more modern air activated fire function. The button also allows you to adjust the power output, which is indicated by a small LED. Green signifies the lowest power setting, blue is regular and white is high. Unfortunately, there is no literature in the manual or on the Wellon website to indicate what the actual resistance range is.

Wellon STAN Pod Vape Device 1ml Review

The pod cartridge is held into place by a set of strong magnets. Inside is a 1.6 ohm nichrome coil that contains organic cotton. The flavor and also cloud production is up there with the best of them. I was genuinely shocked at the performance from such a little head.

Filling the Stan pod is easy and also mess free. Wellon has moved away from the bottom fill system that usually leads to some form of spillage of eliquid inside the battery housing. Instead to fill the Stan pod, simply pull off the drip tip, open the grommet, stick the tip of your eliquid bottle in and fill. Bear in mind that the pod will only take 1ml of eliquid.

Wellon Stan Pod Starter Kit USA Review


The Wellon Stan Pod Starter Kit is available to buy online for $24.95 USD. I think that’s a fair asking price for any good pod. As a result, I would happily recommend you pick one up.


The packaging is just as sleek as the mod itself. On the front is a cool picture of the Stan and also a sticker indicating the color. Upon opening the cardboard box you will find your Stan Pod nicely presented in its own foam insert. Underneath the foam is a spare pod, USB charging cable, and also a user manual. It was so refreshing to see a pod manufacturer including a spare pod in the packaging.

Watch the video below for a full break down and close up of the Wellon Stan Pod Starter Kit.

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Wellon Stan Pod Starter Kit
Quality Construction & Beautifully Made
Easy To Use
No Leaking
Power Output Unknown
Small Ejuice Capacity
Not Air Activated