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Today we will be covering what is a vape pen, among other things. This article also contains everything you need to know to get started vaping. If you are looking for a healthier alternative to cigarettes or are just interested in trying out a vaporizer, then this is the perfect article for you.

What Is A Vape Pen?

What is a vape pen you may be asking. A vape pen or vaporizer pen is a device that allows the user to inhale a variety of substances through the use of heat instead of the contemporary method of combustion. A typical vape pen will look like your standard writing pen as the name entails. It will be relatively thin and long.

Vape pens came into popularity in the early 2000’s as a healthier alternative to smoking. Many of these early generation vape pens looked very similar to cigarettes and were disposable. Nowadays vaping technology has increased tenfold allowing manufacturers to produce reusable smart devices. Many people worldwide have ditched the cigarettes with the help of a vape pen. Most new vapers tend to start on a vape pen as it is a great beginner device to use.

How Do Vape Pens Work

How Do Vape Pens Work?

The second most asked question other than what is a vape pen, is how do vape pens work. Every vape pen will utilize some kind of battery that will be powerful enough to heat up the contents of your atomizer that will in turn transform it into vapor. An atomizer is the housing for your coil which soaks up your chosen material you wish to vape on. The vast majority of people choose to vape eliquid but you can also vape dry herbs and even wax. Ejuice or eliquid is a two part combination of propylene glycol ( PG ) and vegetable glycerin ( VG ). The ejuice manufacture will then add flavoring to taste. The final ingredient is nicotine, which in some countries is illegal to sell within vape juice. If this is the case for your country, you can still purchase the nicotine individually and add it to your own eliquid mix.

How To Charge A Vape Pen

How To Charge A Vape Pen?

Now that you know what is a vape pen, you may be wanting to know how to charge your device. This can be done by using a USB cable that will charge your internal battery. Alternatively you may have purchased a device that is powered by an external battery. The most common type of external batteries are 18650’s, but they also come in 26650 and 20700 varieties. These types of batteries are produced by a wide variety of brands including Samsung, LG, Sony and many more.

If you were looking for the best, long lasting 18650 battery for your vape device then we can recommend the purple Samsung 18650 2600mAh ICR18650-26F. Charging your batteries externally is technically more safe, faster and will help your batteries have a longer lifespan. You will need to purchase an external battery charger, but it is well worth the investment.

How To Use A Vape Pen

How To Use A Vape Pen?

Make sure to check if you have a coil installed before using your vape pen. Most devices sold tend to have a coil preinstalled. If not, then you should make sure to add some to your cart before checking out. Coils can come in a variety of sizes and ohm outputs. Most coils will output a ohm level between 1.5 to 3 ohms. It may be confusing at first but most brands produce a coil specific to any given tank. There are no name brand options and some coil types can be interchanged, but your best bet is too use the same coil brand as the tank manufacturer recommends.

How To Fill A Vape Pen

How To Fill A Vape Pen?

Most vape pens will have a twist or push cap on the top allowing you access your atomizer. Slowly fill your atomizer up to the required level with your eliquid. Usually this will be done via a thin needle like tip that connects to your ejuice container or a glass bottle dripper. Make sure not to drop any eliquid into your chimney. The chimney is the tube between your coil and mouth piece. This allows vapor to rise from your coil when inhaling.

Once you have filled your tank, screw the lid back on and take a hit. If you are experiencing dry hits you may have not primed your coil properly. To prime your coil drip small amounts of eliquid onto the sides where you can see cotton. Install your coil back into your atomizer and fill the tank up with eliquid. If it’s a new tank, make sure to let the eliquid sit for 5 minutes so the cotton can absorb some of the ejuice. Close your airflow holes and draw in a few times. This will force slightly more eliquid into the cotton ensuring no dry hits.

If you take a hit and instead of vapor you get spit back or a bubbling sound this means your coil is flooded. Ergo there is too much eliquid in the coil for the device to heat your ejuice effectively. There is something you can try before having to throw away your coil.

First turn your device upside down, making sure your airflow slots are open fully. Wrap a tissue loosely around your device covering the airflow slots. Give the mouth piece a few hard blows. This will force any excess eliquid from the base of your atomizer out of the air slots. When removing the tissue you should see some eliquid has come out. Try this a few times and then see if it has fixed the flooding issue.

How To Clean A Vape Pen

How To Clean A Vape Pen?

When your vapor starts to taste slightly off or even burnt, it’s time to change your coil and clean your vape pen. Most manufactured coils usually last between 1 to 4 weeks depending on usage and the type of eliquid used. Please note you don’t necessarily have to change your coil and clean your tank when switching between flavors.

If this is the case, make sure that you have a very little amount of the previous juice in your atomizer. Add your new elquid flavor and take a few puffs. You should be able to taste the new flavor. When choosing your new flavor make sure it is something that is similar or complementary to the flavor you were vaping on previous. For example a dessert flavor works well with other dessert flavors.

There are though some types of flavors that tend to hang around even after changing your ejuice. Flavors like menthol or spearmint are notoriously bad and are nearly impossible to remove from your coil.

Once your coil is spent you should take your atomizer apart and give it a good wash in some hot water. Leave the parts out to air dry for a few minutes. Now that your parts are close to dry give them a rub down with some paper towel and a cotton bud, just in case you have any stubborn stains or gunk buildup. Make sure to also wipe down your vape pen once in awhile just in case you have had any eliquid spills.

How Much Does A Vape Pen Cost

How Much Does A Vape Pen Cost?

Vape pens have become relatively cheap in the past few years. You can pick yourself up a good vape pen from Vaporfi or Direct Vapor for only $20 USD. Obviously the more you spend the better quality device you are going to get. Most mid range vape pens start from $40 USD up to $60 USD. Popular brands include SMOK, Eleaf, Joyetech and Innokin. When browsing online make sure to keep an eye out for any sales or deals. Most online vendors tend to offer first time customers a discount.

We Vape Mods have a page dedicated to vaping coupons, so make sure to check that out to save yourself between 10 to 50% off. We also source big discount codes that are contained within our weekly newsletter which you can sign up to in the right hand side bar.

Where To Buy Vape Pens

Where To Buy Vape Pens?

For the Aussies, Vaporfi is the best place to pick up a bargain online. For the rest of the world including the United States, Canada and Great Britain, we can highly recommend Direct Vapor. Both these companies run under the same conglomerate which means bigger buying power and in turn larger savings for their customers. We have also had good experiences with Eight Vape, Element Vape and Vapor DNA.

Finally you also have the option of checking out your local vape shop. The staff at most vape shops have a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in a variety of devices. As all of us had to start somewhere, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed asking for help or suggestions. I personally have always had a good experience when visiting my local vape shop. It’s handy being able run up the street to pick up some coils or a battery.

Are Vape Pens Bad For You

Are Vape Pens Bad For You?

Is vaping bad for you? In short no. Vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking. Most vape device users tend to be ex-smokers. Smoking cigarettes has been proven to cause cancer. From recent studies done on vaping there has been no link to cancer or any other deadly disease yet. Obviously it is still early days and there could come a time that we learn a different truth but in the intrum vaping is a dominating preventive option.


Thank you for reading through our in depth article on what is a vape pen. Hopefully you have all the information you need to get started on your vaping journey. If you have any questions, please make sure to comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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