What Is The Best 18650 Battery For Vaping?

best 18650 battery for vaping

Looking for the best 18650 battery for vaping, but not sure what to look out for? No worries, We Vape Mods has you covered. We have listed the most important things to bear in mind when choosing your next set of Lithium-ion batteries. It’s also important to understand that your batteries, no matter how good, are not going to last forever. There are only so many charge cycles in a battery, and the more you recharge them, the less charge they will hold over time.

What Are Some Popular 18650 Batteries To Lookout For?

There’s nothing more annoying than constantly having to recharge your vape batteries because you picked up a dud pair from eBay. We Vape Mods discourages this greatly. We instead recommend you get your vape batteries from a vape shop or reputable online vendor. A decent 18650 battery should cost you roughly $10 USD and could last from a few months to a couple of years. This depends on how well you take care of them and how regularly you use them.

Samsung 30Q

1. Samsung 30Q

The 30Q by Samsung is a relatively old battery. It’s actually been on the market since 2014. The capacity is 3000mAh, with a maximum continuous discharge of 15A. It’s an overall good cell that would make any vaper happy. It’s currently the most widely used battery to date because of how well it consistently performs.

OHOM Life 3077

2. OHOM Life 3077

The OHOM Life 3077 is one of the best new vape batteries released in 2020. It has a capacity of 3077mAh and CDR of 30.2A. The stats are super impressive on this thing. The OHOM Life 3077 can consistently deliver high voltage output at low operating temperatures.


3. LG HE4

The HE4 by LG is considered by many to be one of the safest vape batteries in existence. While the majority of batteries are completely safe when used correctly, the LG HE4 has risen to the top of its class. Even at 35A CDR, the HB6 still maintains a very cool operating temperature.

Why Vape With 18650 Batteries?

Many vapers choose 18650 batteries because they balance high discharge rates and capacity well. The capacity determines how long a battery can run before going flat. Discharge rates determine how hot a battery can get when operating at a higher amperage. If you vape at low amps, then you’ll want a battery with high capacity. If you’re running at high amperage, then look for a higher discharge battery.

What To Look For In A Good 18650 Battery?

When you are choosing a 18650 vape battery, these are the things you want to look out for.

  • High capacity. This is measured by mAh.
  • High current rating. This is measured by amperage.
  • High voltage rating.
  • Low operating temperature.

One of the least important considerations is the price. A bad battery is going to ruin your vaping sessions and can be extremely frustrating. Most high-quality vape batteries are competitively priced, and a few dollars more for a better battery is well worth investing in.

What Is The Best 18650 Battery For Vaping?

18650 batteries are relatively cheap to manufacture and as a result, affordable for you to buy. But they’re not all made to the same standard. It’s crucial for your safety to choose a good brand. Another great resource to look at after reading this article is Battery Mooch on YouTube. He’s tested over 200 different batteries and goes into more detail about their actual ratings.

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