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At some point in a vapers journey they may wonder, what is the most expensive vape mod on the market? It’s always an interesting topic as we sometimes perceive expensive is better. That’s why We Vape Mods dive deep into the mod marketplace to find out what the most expensive vape mod is and where you can get your hands on it.

For this list, we are going to exclude handmade devices, 3D printed mods and small manufacturers that don’t have a dedicated online store. This is because these type of mods can often be nearly impossible to obtain. They can also be region specific or no longer produced. This list is going to focus on the most expensive vape mod you can buy online, today!

DotBling Limited Edition Mech Mod CZ Stones

1. DotMod

From face value, DotMod paints a luxurious picture. Furthermore their mods are sleek, modern and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. DotMod’s top dollar item, ironically called the ‘DotBling’ is a limited edition mech mod available in 24 karat gold or 925 sterling silver. Hence the price is set at $1,850 USD. With only 200 units made, this is a highly desirable device.

Of course DotMod do offer some great affordable deals including the Dotbox V2 200W TC Box Mod, which sells for around $165.95 USD. Its contemporary design is backed by their in house chip that features an impressive 200 watt maximum output.

Craving Vapor Stabilized HexOhms Box Mod

2. Craving Vapor

Best known for their HexOhm range of high end mods. The most expensive device they currently sell is the Stabilized HexOhms Box Mod which will cost you close to $1000 USD. This particular range features a limited edition wood exterior. The HexOhm mods have their own proprietary chip that is rated up to 30 amps and can pump out 180 watts. They also incorporate some safety features which is always a bonus.

If that is not really in your budget but you’d still like to see what all the fuss is about, they do offer similar built devices selling from $170 USD, for example the Hexohm 3.0 180w Box Mod which is only $179.95 USD. Mike Vapes personally loves this device and we are sure you will too.

Vicious Ant Ultem Vanguard Squonk Mod

3. Vicious Ant

Well known in the vaping community, Vicious Ant produce a multitude of high end products including a beautiful stabwood collection. The most expensive item they currently sell is the Ultem Vanguard ( polished or frosted ) squonk mod for $800 USD. This squonk takes a single 18650 battery and is definitely aimed at collectors, as a limited supply has been produced.

They do offer some cheaper alternatives in the Primo range, which start from $350 USD. The stabwood body combined with the stainless steel frame looks fantastic. The attention to detail and intricate calligraphy work makes for a good looking mod. But it’s not just about the outer design, the inner workings have also been fine tuned and calibrated. This mod has got rave reviews online from various reputable reviewers.

AsMODus Minikin 2 Kodama 180W Box Mod

4. AsMODus

AsMODus is another one of those companies that are synonymous with high quality mods. They established themselves in 2014 and are based in the United States of America. One of AsMODus most expensive mods that you can pickup from their website is the Minikin 2 Kodama 180W Box Mod for $350 USD. It comes in a variety of colors and is powered by the GX-180-HT chip. This particular mod has a great battery life and comes with a comprehensive setting suite.

On the cheaper end of the scale you have the AsMODus X Ultron Silvanusa 70W Mod which is on sale at Eight Vape for only $169.99 USD. While it is still made from wood like its more expensive cousin, there are noticeable aesthetic changes that accommodate for the lower price like the gold plated face panel has been swapped out for aluminum.

YiHi SXmini G Class SX550J 200W Box Mod

5. YiHi

Last but not least is YiHi. This Chinese company creates professional mods for the everyday businessman. Their most expensive device is called the YiHi SXMini G Class, which sells for $200 USD. While not as costly as some of the other devices listed, $200 USD is nothing to cough at.

The SXMini G Class features a full color OLED screen that has many settings for you to play around with. The real guts of this device is in the comprehensive chipset that is unmatched in its accuracy and tremendous power.

What most expensive vape mod do you have on your wishlist? Maybe we missed an expensive mod from our list. Comment it below. We would love to hear from you so we can have a more definitive list.

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