Wismec Luxotic Surface 80W Squonk Kit Review

Wismec Luxotic Surface 80W Squonk Kit Review
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The Wismec Luxotic Surface 80W Starter Kit is one of the smallest single 18650 squonks currently on the vaping market. It features a coil-less design and instead utilizes a new innovative mesh heater, that is unique to Wismec. The vapor production and flavor that is produced by the Wismec Luxotic Surface 80W Squonk Kit will surprise you.

Wismec is a popular device manufacturer that has been around since the dawn of vaping. They specialize in crafting cutting-edge products, containing the latest vaping technology. Their back catalog of quality tanks and mods is aplenty. You’d be hard pressed to find a seasoned vaper that hasn’t owned a Wismec device.

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The Wismec Luxotic Surface 80W Regulated Bod Mod is tiny, measuring 78mm by 43.5mm by 25.5mm. An advantage of it being a small vape is the weight. Without a battery, the Wismec Luxotic Surface weighs in at a measly 130 grams. This makes it perfect for vaping on the go. It takes a single 18650 battery that can last me a few days because of the relatively low wattage required to heat the atomizer efficiently.

The wattage output can go from 1 to 80 watts, with a resistance range of 0.05 to 3.50 ohms. The updated AVATAR chipset allows rapid firing within 0.001 seconds. The turn-on time is also instantaneous, which I enjoyed. Various modes are bundled within the box mod like variable wattage, temperate control, bypass mode, and TCR.

Wismec Luxotic Surface Squonk Kit 80W with Kestrel RDTA Review

You can adjust your settings via the two adjustment buttons and clicky fire button. Everything is displayed on a little 0.49″ OLED screen. Nothing too fancy, just enough functionality to do the job. Lower down you can find your 6.5ml internal squonk bottle. I found the tolerance of it lacking, but I rarely used it and instead dripped. I would like to also note that the vaping experience is very cool, not hot.


The pis de resistance of this squonk kit has to be the new Kestrel RDTA. It measures 36.7mm’s in height by 24mm’s in diameter. It adds a further 2ml ejuice capacity on top of the existing 6.5ml squonk bottle. Upon opening the kit, I was shocked to see everything was already pre-built, including the cotton and mesh strip. I appreciated this and thought it would really benefit new vapers who might find rebuildables daunting.

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The flat mesh strip is made from Kanthal and is supposedly meant to last over 3 months. The flavor is superb when dripping, but lackluster when squonking. I found the Kestrel to also be quite airy and loud. This is because there is so much room between the drip tip and mesh heater. If Wismec were to minimize this amount of space, this RDTA would be perfect.

To fill the tank, you simply pull the top cap off and squeeze your eliquid in through the side. I loved this convenient approach, as it resulted in no mess. The airflow control is a bit limited. On either side, you can find a single cyclops eye that doesn’t do much to help the airy issue.

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You can buy the Luxotic Surface 80W Squonk Kit from Sourcemore right now for $62.13 USD. I feel this is a great asking price and fairly competitive with other squonkers on the market.


The Wismec Luxotic Surface Squonk is made from good quality zinc-alloy. The shape is a bit dated and I didn’t particularly like the design choices they went with, but that’s just my personal opinion. The colors currently available are unistar, basketball, linear, and also honeycomb. The Kestrel RDTA looks decent and features a neat squonking window. This make is super easy to view your cotton and ejuice.

The packaging is modern, sleek and well constructed. Inside you will find your Wismec Luxotic Surface 80W Squonk, Kestrel RDTA, spare glass, mesh heater, squonk bottle, cotton, and also two user manuals.

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Wismec Luxotic Surface 80W Squonk Kit
Tiny & Lightweight
Beginner Friendly
Fantastic Flavor When Dripping
Large Eliquid Capacity
Innovative & Long Lasting Mesh Strip
Lackluster Flavor When Squonking
Dated Box Mod Design