The Wismec Trough Sub-Ohm Tank is a well-constructed device that can pump out huge amounts of vapor but severely lacks in flavor. This is because of the poorly made Wismec Trough coils. The Wismec Trough is quite a large sub-ohm tank, measuring a whopping 30mm’s in diameter. This seems to be a budding trend in 2019 with the most recent release of the Bulk RTA.

Wismec is a well established Chinese manufacturer, that has been around since the beginning of vaping. They are best known for their popular Releaux line, which was a collaboration project in conjunction with JayBo Designs. Wismec has released some great products as of late, that includes the Sinuous V200 Starter Kit and Sinuous V80 Starter Kit.

Wismec Trough 6.5ml Sub Ohm Tank Review

Sub-Ohm Tank

The Wismec Trough Sub-Ohm Tank is capable of holding 6.5ml’s of eliquid with the standard Pyrex bubble glass or 5ml with the new Quartz tube. I don’t particularly like the look of the Quartz, but each to their own. The rest of the body is made from superior stainless steel. The overall finish is pretty good, with minimal machining marks.

The top refill silicone stopper is a godsend, allowing you to tip the tank upside down without any leaking. This comes in handy when you want to swap a coil out mid tank. I got roughly 3 or so good puffs out of each coil before it lost all flavor. It would still produce an ample amount of clouds, but the taste was lackluster.

Wismec Trough Subohm Mesh Tank Review

Each Trough coil contains 70% cotton and 30% wood pulp. Included in the kit is a 0.35ohm WT01 single coil head and 0.2ohm WT02 dual-coil head. The suggested maximum wattage range for each coil was way off in my honest opinion. I would recommend starting at the lowest wattage range and working your way up from there. Keep upping your wattage by 5 or 10 until it feels right.


The Wismec Trough Sub-Ohm Tank is currently retailing for $19.99 USD from Vapesourcing. Make sure to use our exclusive 12% off coupon code ‘WWM12’ at checkout. I think that’s still a bit pricey considering the overall quality of this product.

Wismec Trough 30mm Sub-Ohm Tank USA Review


The packaging is similar to most tank containers. A clear top to display the tank, with a black base that includes some contents. Inside you will find your Wismec Trough, 2 x coils, some spare parts and also a user manual. It comes in a few different colors as well that include black, silver, gold, and also rainbow.

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Wismec Trough Sub-Ohm Tank
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