Today I’m reviewing the Bravo RTA by Wotofo. It’s been made in collaboration with Aaron Hart, who is the owner of 5Bravo. If you don’t know who 5Bravo are, don’t worry, they are not that well known in the vaping industry. The Bravo RTA was released in early 2018 and I’ve been eager to try it out ever since. Some of the ideas Aaron has incorporated into the Bravo project look impressive.


The Wotofo Bravo is a 25mm diameter rebuildable tank atomizer. It comes with two different sized tubes ( three if your in the UK ) which include a 2ml, 4.5ml and also 6ml. This thing oozes quality and looks like a high end product. In particular the gold version that has a clear 810 resin drip tip with gold flakes set inside.

Wotofo Bravo 4.5ml RTA Review

Everything is sealed in tight by beefy o-rings. Underneath the top screw cap is a pair of huge kidney shaped holes, which make filling a breeze. The chamber inside hides a two post, upside down, Goon style clamp system. It features two screws on each post, which flat wire builders will love.

All of this is set upon a floating GTA deck with wick holes provided for your dual coil setup. Airflow has been placed at the bottom of the tank using a knurled floating ring with two decent sized eyelets. This knurling design has also been applied to the top cap which allows ease of use.

Wotofo Bravo 25mm Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Review

I found the Wotofo Bravo RTA a little fiddly to build on, but it does become easier with a little practice. The flavor and clouds this tank produces is amazing! I tested it with multiple ejuices including fruit, custard and also dessert blends. Menthol in particular performed superbly and the flavor profile was absolutely bang on.


You can pickup a Wotofo Bravo RTA for around $24.99 USD. The price is so cheap because companies want to move old stock, to make way for newer products. Overall though I think that’s a bargain, considering this RTA will perform just as good as RTA’s released nowadays.

Wotofo Bravo 25mm RTA USA Review


Inside the thick, high quality green box you will find your Wotofo Bravo RTA, a user manual, spare glass, 510 adapter and also three small bags. They contain a wad of odd looking Japanese cotton, extra screws, o-rings and also 3 x competition coils. The packaging has been designed well and has lots of information on the back of the box. The front has a cool illustration and the sides are littered with Wotofo logos.

My final verdict in regards to the Wotofo Bravo RTA, is that it’s an awesome little tank, that has been beautifully made and well manufactured. The smooth airflow and sheer amount of flavor I can get out of this thing are the two biggest selling points in my eyes.

So would I go out and buy one again? Yes I would. It’s available in six different colours including S.S, black, gun metal grey, blue, gold and rainbow

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Wotofo Bravo 25mm RTA
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