Wotofo COG MTL RTA Review

Wotofo COG MTL RTA Review
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The Wotofo COG MTL RTA is a brand new rebuildable tank that’s been designed in collaboration with Suck My Mod. It features a mechanical cog for precise air tuning. This is unlike most other RTA’s that cut airflow at the base and then funnel it through. As a result, the Wotofo COG MTL RTA can deliver much more air pressure and a tighter draw. Keep reading to find out if this tank is an innovation or a novelty.

Wotofo is a well-respected vape manufacturer based out of China. They regularly collaborate with vaping personalities like Mike Vapes and Tony B. Matt from SMM is a well-known YouTube reviewer, influencer, and also vape advocate. Wotofo and SMM previously worked together in 2017 on the original Serpent RTA. They teamed up again in 2019 for the Serpent Elevate RTA.

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The Wotofo COG MTL RTA measures 22mm’s in diameter and is ultra-lightweight. Most of the chassis, including the top cap, is made from PCTG. Unfortunately, this makes the COG look like a cheap disposable tank. I recommend that you be extra careful not to squeeze heavily on the tube, as it may shatter. I noticed a distinct creaking sound coming from the plastic when I applied too much pressure.

The COG tank can hold 3ml of eliquid. A 2ml variety is also available for TPD affected countries. The 510 Delrin drip tip will help funnel vapor and protect your lips from heat. Furthermore, you can swap it out for your own custom drip tips. The top cap is extremely thin and the threading is excessive. Filling the COG is thankfully a breeze. You can comfortably fit a glass dripper or chubby gorilla tip inside the fill ports.
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The domed chimney section contains a relatively simple deck. It can accommodate a single coil up to 3mm’s. The top-mounted screws and springloaded clamps make building super easy. The bottom set airflow is directed right underneath your coil and is controlled by a cog. The cog features different sized adjustment holes ranging from 0.8mm’s to 1.6mm’s. Furthermore, the dimples on the side of your tank help navigate what adjustment you’re on.

The flavor that the Wotofo COG MTL RTA can produce is superb! This is something Wotofo is well known for. I experienced little to no turbulence and also super smooth draws. Another cool feature is the ability to adjust your airflow even when the tank is screwed onto your mod. Overall I think this is a decent product worth checking out. Especially so if you enjoy MTL vaping.

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The Wotofo COG MTL RTA is available to buy right now from the official Wotofo website. The average asking price online is $39.95 USD. I think that’s a bit steep considering the material its made from. Also that it’s only a single coil build. If you do have money to splash, this tank would be great for vapers that enjoy a nice tight rebuildable pull that’s also adjustable.


The COG is available in your standard array of Wotofo colors. This includes black, SS, gunmetal, gold, blue, and also rainbow. You’ll find an unsightly CE and bin icon etched into the chimney section. Not sure why they didn’t put it on the base considering the cog isn’t that visible anyway. The usual Wotofo packaging will include your COG RTA, 2 x cotton strips, 2 x coils, tool, spare parts, and also a user manual.

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