Wotofo MANIK MINI 30W Pod System Review

Wotofo MANIK MINI 30W Pod System Review
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The Wotofo MANIK MINI 30W Pod System is a brand new beginner-friendly device that’s compact, lightweight, and convenient to use. It boasts a really nice single stitch leather wrap that looks awesome and also feels super comfortable to hold. The style of the pod reminds me of the popular Nord line. This makes sense since Wotofo and SMOK joined forces in recent times. It’s obviously a good looking device, but how does the MANIK MINI Pod perform? Keep reading to find out.

Wotofo is one of the leading rebuildable tank manufacturers based in Shenzhen, China. The company was established way back in 2012 when vaping was just starting to become mainstream. Since then they’ve designed and released dozens of best-selling products. This includes the latest MANIK Pod Mod. Wotofo is well known in the vaping industry for its attention to detail, style, and numerous innovations.

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The Wotofo MANIK MINI 30W Pod is made from lightweight, yet durable zinc alloy. It measures 92mm’s by 28mm’s by 16mm’s and weighs just 64 grams. It contains a relatively powerful 1000mAh internal battery that can output between 1 and 30 watts. This isn’t a huge amount, but it’s more than enough for mouth to lung vapers. In saying that, you can achieve a restrictive DTL hit, but ultimately the power output, mouthpiece, and coils are designed for MTL.

The Wotofo MANIK MINI 30W Pod comes pre-installed with the latest nexCHIP Chipset. It helps the device fire within 0.001 seconds and it also features a variety of device protections. The learning curve for the MANIK MINI is practically null; all you need to do is inhale to activate. Furthermore, it doesn’t bother you with various temperature control modes or complicated settings.

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The Wotofo MANIK MINI 30W Pod is also super easy to fill. Just unplug the side silicone stopper and squeeze in your eliquid. I experinced a tiny amount of leaking from the cartridge device but I wasn’t overly fussed. This is because the connector plate has been made waterproof. The cartridges can hold 3ml of eliquid and are closed. I would have preferred the ability to swap in and out coils as it’s much less wasteful.

The Wotofo MANIK MINI 30W Pod charges up pretty quickly and can hold its current really well (even at low battery levels). A full battery lasted me roughly 3 days or so of regular vaping. The flavor was noticeable good and it produced minimal clouds. Unfortunately, the charge port was a dated MicroUSB instead of a more modern USB-C. This means charging can take a bit longer than usual.

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The Wotofo MANIK MINI 30W Pod is currently available to buy right now. The cheapest price I could find online was $34.95 USD from the official Wotofo website. I think that’s a tad expensive for what it is. I’d be happier paying $25-$30 USD for a MTL pod. Hopefully, over the coming months, the price will come down. Overall though it’s a decent little vape worth checking out. It would be a great option for transitioning smokers and new vapers.


The Wotofo MANIK MINI 30W Pod comes in a variety of leather dyed colors. This includes black, grey, white, green, blue, gold, red, and also orange. I really liked the tactile feel of the leather. After a quick scratch and sniff test, I feel like the leather could be potentially real. The packaging that your MANIK MINI Pod comes in is typical for most Wotofo products. A clear lid and fluorescent green box. Inside you’ll find your MANIK MINI Pod, 2 x coils, MicroUSB charging cable, and also a user manual.

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Wotofo MANIK MINI 30W Pod System Review
Compact & Lightweight
Nice MTL Hit
Great Flavor
Long Lasting Battery Life
Real Leather
Closed Pod Cartridge
Dated MicroUSB Port
Slightly Expensive