Wotofo OFRF nexMINI Pod Review

Wotofo OFRF nexMINI Pod Review
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The OFRF nexMINI Pod is the first MTL device to ever be released by Wotofo. It boasts a dedicated set of MTL coils and also fully adjustable airflow. The contoured mouthpiece delivers the perfect amount of restriction and it comes in a variety of cool colors. What more could you ask for? Keep reading to find out how it performs and if we would recommend the Wotofo OFRF nexMINI Pod.

Wotofo is a popular vape manufacturer that specializes in DIY products. Since joining forces with SMOK in 2019, Wotofo has been able to branch out into making pod systems. This includes the latest MANIK 80W Pod Mod. Wotofo still values quality and innovation. This is why they continue to consult with industry leaders and also collaborate with vaping personalities like MrJustRight1, Mike Vapes, and also Tony B.

Wotofo OFRF nexMINI MTL Pod System Review


The Wotofo OFRF nexMINI Pod is an ultra-compact device. It measures 110.5mm’s by 19.5mm’s by 19.5mm’s and weighs just 56 grams! It boasts a light aluminum alloy chassis that’s fairly durable. The cartridge on top is made from food-safe PCTG and it can hold 2.5ml of eliquid. Considering it’s designed for MTL use, this should be more than enough to get most vapers through the day. The device itself can only be button fired. I would have preferred an option to auto-fire.

The Wotofo OFRF nexMINI Pod can output between 1 and 30 watts. Furthermore, it features a decent-sized 800mAh rechargeable battery. Weirdly though the efficiency of the battery isn’t what I’m used to. For example, a similar-sized Vaporesso device can last much longer. As a result, I found myself having to recharge my nexMINI Pod more than once per day. This wasn’t too much of a hassle though because it boasts a USB-C charging port.

Wotofo OFRF nexMINI 2.5ml Pod Mod Review

The Wotofo OFRF nexMINI cartridge doesn’t appear to have any air holes that release pressure when filling. Because of this, it can be a slight ordeal to get the whole cartridge full without some spillage. The side fill plug does though feature a convenient arrow that indicates which way to open. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve torn a fill plug out the wrong way and broken it.

The Wotofo OFRF nexMINI Pod can deliver a great throat hit and fantastic flavor. It produces minimal clouds and the mouthpiece is noticeably comfortable. I personally preferred the M21 Parallel coil over the M22 nexMESH coil. It was a bit hotter and more versatile in terms of wattage range. Both coils come with a fully adjustable airflow ring. It can be really dialed in by closing each individual hole, one by one.

Wotofo OFRF nexMINI Pod Starter Kit USA Review


The Wotofo OFRF nexMINI Pod is currently available to buy right now. It’s retailing from the official Wotofo website for $32.95 USD. I think that’s a touch expensive considering the niche market. In saying that it’s an excellent MTL pod that well outperforms most other MTL pods on the market. I would happily recommend this product to my vaping friend’s that enjoy a restrictive mouth to lung vape.


The Wotofo OFRF nexMINI Pod comes in a bunch of cool solid colors and ombré varieties. This includes silver, mocha gold, gold, black, black/red, black/green, and also black/blue. The device does feature a lot of branding though, but most of it is tasteful. It comes in a modern package that’s similar to what Wotofo offers. Inside you’ll find your Wotofo OFRF nexMINI Pod, cartridge, 2 x coils, USB-C charging cable, and also a user manual.

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Wotofo OFRF nexMINI Pod Review
Compact & Lightweight
Fantastic Throat Hit
Excellent Flavor
Dedicated MTL Coils
Adjustable Airflow
Aesthetic Color Options
No Auto-Fire
Average Battery Life
Hard To Fill
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