Wotofo PROFILE M 24.5mm RTA Review

Wotofo PROFILE M 24.5mm RTA Review
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The Wotofo PROFILE M 24.5mm RTA is an excellent single mesh strip atomizer that boasts a compact form and tasty flavor production. It’s yet another welcomed collaboration product with Mr.JustRight1. The look and feel of this tank is superb. You can really tell how much research and design has gone into engineering it. But how does it compare to the other Profile RTA’s released by Wotofo? Keep reading to find out.

Wotofo is a popular rebuildable vape manufacturer that’s been around since 2012. They take great pride in consulting with the vaping community and its various personalities. This is why every product Wotofo releases sell so well. It’s exactly what the people are asking for. Wotofo in recent times has joined forces with SMOK. With the added expertise and resources from this major company, you can expect bigger and better things from Wotofo in 2021.

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The Wotofo PROFILE M RTA is a super-compact rebuildable tank atomizer that’s no bigger than a standard RDA. It measures 24.5mm’s in diameter by 27.8mm’s in height. I think this was a great design decision made by Wotofo. Most vapers tend to avoid RTA’s because of how tall they are. It comes with a 3.1ml straight glass and also a 4ml frosted bubble tube. I didn’t really like not being able to see clearly how much eliquid I have left.

The Wotofo PROFILE M RTA boasts a smooth sliding top fill system. It’s possible to fully disassemble it for easy cleaning. The only potential disadvantage is the lack of a locking system.  Mind you it does have a membrane inside to prevent accidental leaking. Inside you have an extremely dommed chimney section with honeycomb top airflow. I experinced no turbulence while vaping on this tank. Each pull was sharp and concentrated.

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The Wotofo PROFILE M RTA features the exact same deck as the Profile Unity RTA. The spring-loaded center allows you to squeeze in the correct amount of cotton for mesh strips. This is important because if your cotton is too loose and not touching the mesh, it’ll burn. The deck also allows you to conveniently build a standard single-coil because of the clamp style posts.

The Wotofo PROFILE M RTA produces fantastic flavor and even better cloud production! The low-profile drip tip aids in this slightly. The look and feel of it is amazing. In particular how it curves inwards. This concentrates your vapor and makes it even more saturated. You can chain vape on it to a degree, but I do recommend some time between pulls. This will reduce the frequency between refills. The overall vape is relatively cool which is perfect for methol blends.

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The Wotofo PROFILE M 24.5mm RTA is available to buy right now from a variety of online vendors. The best place to pick yours up from is the official Wotofo website. They’re selling it for $39.95 USD. I think this is a fantastic deal considering its appearance, performance, and also the sheer amount of extra’s you get. This includes three different mesh strips! Furthermore, the cost is on par with previous Wotofo product releases.


The Wotofo PROFILE M 24.5mm RTA comes in a few standard colors. This includes rainbow, silver, black, blue, gunmetal, and also gold. They’re fairly easy to mix and match with most mods. I personally liked the silver, gunmetal, and black versions. The finish on each one looks really cool! Inside the packaging, you’ll find your Profile M RTA, 810 drip tip, bubble glass, 3 x mesh strips, cotton, tools, spares, and also a user manual.

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Wotofo PROFILE M 24.5mm RTA Review
Compact & Stylish
Easy To Build Deck
Excellent Flavor & Cloud Production
Fair Asking Price
Modern Packaging
Frosted Bubble Tube
No Top Fill Lock