Wotofo SMRT 80W Pod Kit Review

Wotofo SMRT 80W Pod Kit Review
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The SMRT 80W Pod Kit is a revolutionary new product by Wotofo that makes rebuilding much more accessible for the average joe. It boasts a foolproof way of constructing your own coils without the added cost or learning curve. Furthermore, I absolutely loved the idea and really enjoyed building with this starter kit. It includes everything you need, at an affordable price. Keep reading to find out how the SMRT Pod Kit performs.

Wotofo is a premium vape manufacturer that’s been around for yonks. They’re well known in the vaping community for their DIY products that include best-selling RDA’s, RTA’s, and squonk mods. In more recent times Wotofo has been establishing themselves in the pod and pod mod market. Devices like the original MANIK Pod and also the MANIK MINI have faired pretty well with popular vape reviewers on YouTube.

Wotofo SMRT 80W 2000mAh Pod Starter Kit Review


The Wotofo SMRT 80W Pod Kit includes the MANIK S device. It’s very similar to the previous rendition but with some notable changes. This includes a new aesthetic, improved airflow, updated charging port, and also the exciting SMRT coil system. The MANIK S is slightly smaller and more lightweight than the previous rendition. It’s made from aluminum alloy, measures 117.3mm’s by 29.2mm’s by 23mm’s, and weighs just 70 grams.

The Wotofo SMRT 80W Pod Kit has an internal 2000mAh battery instead of an external 18650. This means it will charge up quicker, but not last as long. The charge time has been improved even further because the port is now USB-C instead of the dated MicroUSB that featured in the original. It can still output between 5 to 80 watts and holds its charge pretty well, even on low battery levels.

Wotofo SMRT 80W 4.5ml Pod System Review

The Wotofo SMRT 80W Pod Kit comes with a PCTG cartridge that can hold a decent 4.5ml of eliquid. The filling port has been moved from the top to the side. This is slightly annoying because you now have to remove the cartridge to fill, unlike the original MANIK. The overall device feels a bit cheaper, but in my opinion, does look better. It still vapes beautifully, boasts delicious flavor, and also produces great clouds.

The real reason to check out the Wotofo SMRT 80W Pod Kit is for the SMRT coils. In your kit, you’ll find enough materials to build 6 coils! That’s fantastic value for money. It even includes an additional pre-built PnP coil to sweeten the deal. The SMRT PnP rebuildable coil is super easy to construct. Wotofo even provides step-by-step instructions with images. I really enjoyed the hands-on experience and would highly recommend every vaper try it out.

Wotofo SMRT 80W Vape Pod USA Review


The Wotofo SMRT 80W Pod is currently available for pre-order only. It’s going to retail for $39.95 USD from the official Wotofo website. I think this is a great asking price considering you get the MANIK S, 7 x total coils, and also everything you need to get started. I would highly recommend all vapers consider buying this kit. It’s a novelty that really pays off. Building your own coils is fun, rewarding, and also thrifty.


The Wotofo SMRT 80W Pod comes in a handful of glossy ombre colors. This includes black, black/gold, black/red, and also black/blue. The packaging design is similar to other Wotofo products. A clear plastic lid and green box. Inside you’ll find your Wotofo SMRT 80W Pod, cartridge, pre-built coil, rebuildable coil section, cotton, wire, tools, USB-C charging cable, and also an informative instruction manual.

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Wotofo SMRT 80W Pod Kit Review
Compact & Lightweight
USB-C Quick Charging
Fantastic Flavor & Cloud Production
Includes 7 X Coils
Super Easy To Build & Fun
Value For Money
Have To Remove Cartridge To Fill
Device Feels A Bit Cheap