Wotofo Troll X 24mm RTA Review

Wotofo Troll X 24mm RTA Review
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The Troll X 24mm RTA is the latest rebuildable tank atomizer from leading DIY vape brand Wotofo. It features an easy to build on postless deck that boasts an innovative airflow insert system. The original Troll RTA was released was back in early 2017. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to try it out myself but was super keen to check out this rendition. Keep reading to find out how it performs and if it’s worth purchasing.

Wotofo is a well-known vape manufacturer that specializes in rebuildable products. Founded in 2012, Wotofo has always been a fan favorite. This is because their devices/tanks work really well and also produce fantastic flavor. In recent times, Wotofo has been focusing more on the pod market. This includes the SMRT Pod Mod and Manik Mini Pod System. They’re great devices in their own right, but I’m happy to see Wotofo back to grassroots.

Wotofo Troll X 24mm Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Review


The Wotofo Troll X RTA is relatively compact for a rebuildable tank atomizer; just like the original. It measures 24mm’s in diameter by 36mm’s in height. The main chassis is constructed from superior stainless steel and it also features a strong Pyrex glass tube. Similar to other Wotofo tanks, it features a sliding top-fill cap but strangely no arrow indication. You might also need to remove the 810 friction fit drip tip to fill because it doesn’t slide back super far.

The Wotofo Troll X RTA can comfortably hold 3ml of eliquid with the straight tube and 4.4ml with the bubble glass. This is more than enough capacity to last most vapers throughout the day. The adjustable airflow can be found on the bottom of the tank and is controlled via a ring that boasts a handy stopper.

Wotofo Troll X 24mm 3ml & 4.4ml RTA Review

The Wotofo Troll X RTA is designed for dual coil use but can accommodate beefy single coil builds. Furthermore, the deck is pretty standard except for the new airflow inserts. Each insert can be easily interchangeable and slotted in to help direct your airflow right underneath the coils. It works a treat and does increase flavor and cloud production to a degree. The draw was perfect ( not too tight or open ) and I experinced no turbulence whatsoever.

The Wotofo Troll X RTA produces dense flavor and clouds. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Wotofo. Is this tank revolutionary? No, but it does compare well to all of the other RTA’s on the market currently in 2021. The only criticism I really have about this product is the use of the trollface. I don’t think it would really appeal to the older generation of vapers which still make up the majority of the market.

Wotofo Troll X 24mm Single & Dual Coil RTA USA Review


The Wotofo Troll X 24mm RTA is currently available for pre-order from the official Wotofo website. It’s retailing for $37.95 USD. I think that’s more than fair for what you’re getting. The Troll X RTA is a solid rebuildable tank that looks pretty decent ( apart from the trollface logo ) and performs superbly. It boasts premium-grade materials and the fit/finish is practically flawless. I would highly recommend checking this product out if you’re into RTA’s or interested in learning.


The Wotofo Troll X 24mm RTA comes in a variety of colors. This includes black, stainless steel, grey, blue, gold, and also rainbow. It also features the trollface for its logo. Luckily the design is quite subtle. The packaging design is more modern and aesthetically pleasing. Inside you’ll find your Troll X RTA, 2 x coils, 2 x cotton strips, 2 x airflow inserts, spare glass, accessories, and also a user manual.

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Wotofo Troll X 24mm RTA Review
Compact & Well Built
Great Eliquid Capacity
Easy To Build Deck
Innovative Airflow Inserts
Fantastic Flavor & Cloud Production
Reasonable Asking Price
No Fill Slide Arrow
Top Cap Doesn't Slide Back Super Far
Trollface Logo