Wotofo x Mike Vapes ReCurve 24mm RDA Review

Wotofo x Mike Vapes ReCurve 24mm RDA Review
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Today we are going to be reviewing the Wotofo x Mike Vapes ReCurve. The Recurve RDA is a 24mm single coil RDA, which comes with a post-less deck making it very easy to install your coil. The RDA is made from stainless steel and has a very interesting shape to it as it curves inward, thus giving it the name ‘Recurve’. The top cap is also thick, meaning it won’t get hot on you no matter how much you chain vape.


The Recurve has side airflow that is directed to your coils from 6 tiny holes and it looks just like a skate ramp. The holes provide air to the side of your coils and means that your coils are fully engulfed in the air. This keeps your coil cooler and provides some of the best flavors you can get. A great feature is that the air holes are tiny enough that the surface tension of the juice will not allow any juice to seep through the airflow holes. Such a simple idea that means you can squonk as hard as you like and there won’t be any spillage. The Recurve is a squonker’s dream.

When you receive your Recurve it will already have the squonk pin installed. The squonk pin is gold plated maximizing conductivity. The squonk pin doesn’t protrude past the deck as there is not much of a juice well to capture the excess juice. However, you don’t actually need a juice well with this RDA. Due to the airflow design, you can squonk juice up to, and over your coil and airflow holes without fear of leaking. When you release the squonk bottle, the juice is sucked back inside, leaving you with a juiced up coil, ready to vape.

Wotofo x Mike Vapes ReCurve 24mm BF RDA Review


You can pick up the Recurve for just $29.99 USD. This is such a great price given you get so much innovation and extras with it. I happy to highly recommended this RDA to any vaper.


Inside the packaging, you will receive another 810 drip tip, 510 drip tip adapter and the usual bag of spares. The spares include various o-rings, screws and a Philips head screwdriver. You also receive what looks to be an Allen key, however, this is a coil leg cutting and measuring tool. This tool takes all the guesswork out of cutting your coil legs. As a bonus, you will find a small bag containing 3 nichrome fused Clapton coils.

Watch the video below for a full break down and build of the Recurve RDA.

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Wotofo x Mike Vapes ReCurve 24mm RDA
Great Flavor
Innovative Airflow Design
Easy To Build On
Good Value For Money