XIAOMI TAKI Mini Disposable Pod Review

XIAOMI TAKI Mini Disposable Pod Review
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The XIAOMI TAKI Mini Disposable Pod is a new innovative device, specifically designed for today’s busy vaper. It’s quick and simple to use, just peel back the sealed foil packaging and start vaping. Once you’re finished with the pod, dispose of it responsibly. The TAKI Mini is manufactured by XIAOMI under a subsidiary company called Taki-Health. XIAOMI is a large Chinese electronic conglomeratic.

Taki-Health is relatively new to the e-cigarette industry. They were founded in 2018 by the owner and also chief executive Yufei Zhong. Their mission statement focuses on the development of easily accessible vaping products. They specialize in both open and also closed vaporizer products. Keep reading for a full breakdown of the XIAOMI TAKI Mini Disposable Pod.

XIAOMI TAKI Mini Disposable Pod Kit E-cigarette Review


The TAKI Mini Pod is compact in size and measures just 16.4mm’s by 7.4mm’s by 94.2mm’s. The small and stealthy form factor makes it perfect to slip into your pocket when not in use. Each pod comes pre-filled with 1.5ml of eliquid and 50mg of Nic Salt. There are five flavors to choose from that include flue-cured tobacco, ice coffee, blueberry burst, ice lychee, and also mung bean ice.

I thoroughly enjoyed almost all of the flavors, with my favorites being tobacco and ice coffee. As you may have guessed, I didn’t enjoy mung bean ice. It had a weird peanut and tobacco flavor, with earthy undertones. My guess is that this particular flavor is intended for the Asian market, where mung beans appear to be a common and also well-liked flavor profile.

Being disposable, each TAKI Mini Pod is fully sealed and can’t be refilled. I found the average lifespan to be roughly a day or so, with medium to high usage. This will deliver roughly 300 puffs, depending on your inhale technique. The internal 280mAh battery provides enough power for a tight mouth to lung hit. Furthermore, the flavor is dense, with minimal cloudage.


The XIAOMI TAKI Mini Pods are available to buy online from SmokDaddy. They retail for $9 USD each or $35.99 USD for a pack of five. Use coupon code ‘xiaomi07’ for 25% off the 5pc gift box. I think the asking price is reasonably good compared to similar products. As a result, I would happily recommend this product to smokers that are looking for a healthier alternative.


The concept and marketing for the XIAOMI TAKI Mini Pods are well done. It’s professional and also eye-catching. The large black lettering against the stark white background is easy to read. Inside is your foil-sealed pod device, with a birth date stamp. Each pod comes with a silicone bung in the top and also bottom. This protects the product from dust. Overall I thought the packaging was effective and impressive.

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XIAOMI TAKI Mini Disposable Pod
Easy To Use
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Nice Packaging
Mung Bean Ice
Average Quality
Decent Price