Innokin ARES 2 24mm MTL RTA Review

Innokin ARES 2 24mm MTL RTA Review
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The Innokin ARES 2 RTA is an innovative MTL atomizer that’s simple to build on. It boasts restrictive hits and saturated flavor. This new rendition features a variety of fixes that plagued the original. This includes most notably the ability to remove the fill membrane, the addition of a wick guide, and even more airflow options. I appreciate that Innokin took on the communities feedback and gave this product another crack. But how much better is it this time around? Keep reading to find out.

Innokin is a popular vape manufacturer that’s been around for almost a decade now. They’ve quickly and quite rapidly grown into one of the most exciting companies as of late, releasing a wide variety of modern devices and tanks. This includes the brand new Sceptre Pod System. Innokin prides itself on always delivering a high-quality product to vapers all over the globe.

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The Innokin ARES 2 measures 24mm’s in diameter and is rather compact for an RTA. It boasts a decently sized 4ml tank that’s made from reinforced Pyrex glass and is tinted black. The main chassis is constructed from superior 304 stainless steel and as a result, the ARES 2 is both durable and lightweight. It also features a subtle engraved pattern on the bottom cap. The overall design looks modern and pretty cool in my opinion.

The Innokin ARES 2 RTA features a contemporary sliding top fill system that comes with a replaceable membrane hole. This helps prevent leaking even when the tank is upside down! The only problem I had was with the 510 drip tip. It works fine and provides a nice restrictive pull, but it doesn’t provide enough room to easily fill. This means you have to remove it before filling. It was a slight annoyance but nothing major.

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The Innokin ARES 2 RTA boasts two airflow options that include an external ring with 5 MTL options and also a single deck hole. I personally liked how the airflow ring clicked into place for each airflow option. As a result, I was able to get a really nice specific MTL vape that most other products can’t achieve. Furthermore, airflow right under your coil produces fantastic flavor.

The Innokin ARES 2 RTA deck is very similar to the previous version and is super easy to build on. It can accommodate a single-coil; of moderate size. Either post is secured by good quality Philips head screws. The new wick guide made life so much easier. I would recommend cutting your wicks just above the wicking holes.

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The Innokin ARES 2 RTA is available to buy right now. The best price I could find online was $22.21 USD from Sourcemore. Make sure to use our exclusive coupon code ‘SM8’ to get 8% off at checkout. I think that’s more than fair for what you’re getting. If you had issues with the original ARES RTA, I’d recommend upgrading to the ARES 2 RTA!


The Innokin ARES 2 RTA comes in two different colors. This includes stainless steel and black. That isn’t a huge amount of variety, so I’m hoping they introduce some more soon. The packaging is fairly minimal, yet pleasing to the eye. There’s even a handy QR code on the back that links to a building tutorial for the ARES 2 RTA. Inside you’ll find your Innokin ARES 2 RTA, 2 x pre-built coils, coil wire, coil building tools, spare drip tip, cotton, parts, and also a user manual.

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Innokin ARES 2 24mm MTL RTA Review
Compact For An RTA
Good Eliquid Capacity
Great Flavor
Authentic MTL Vape
Easy To Build On
Fair Asking Price
Heaps Of Extra's
Have To Remove Drip Tip To Fill
Not Many Color Variations