Okami OMNI Disposable Vape Review

Okami OMNI Disposable Vape Review


The Okami OMNI Disposable Vape is a sleek, all-in-one device that’s simple to use and backed by a popular eliquid brand. It’s available in five uniquely different fruit flavors and the pods feature a color-coded icon to help with identifying. Each pod conveniently requires no setup, maintenance, or previous vaping experience to operate. But how does it compare to similar products already on the market? Keep reading to find out.

Okami is a well-liked eliquid manufacture that resides in Las Vegas, USA. They were originally founded in 2013 as a lifestyle brand and boutique design agency. The owners previously owned a vape shop and enjoyed mixing up ejuice for friends and family. This expanded into producing one of many successful ejuice lines in later years. Okami is known for its iconic branding and also experimental flavor fusions.

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The Okami OMNI disposable vape features a rectangular body and smooth edges. It’s roughly the same size as a lighter. This makes it easy to hold and also vape in between your fingers; just like a cigarette. The compact size also makes it perfect for on the go vaping. You can easily fit it in your pocket or bag. The main chassis is made from strong plastic and the finish provides a decent amount of grip.

The Okami OMNI disposable vape comes fully charged and ready to go; straight out of the pack. Each device contains 1.5 ml of eliquid and also 5% (50mg) of nicotine salt. It’s super smooth and enjoyable to vape on. You should be able to get roughly 350 puffs from each pod before the flavor or battery runs out. Depending on your own personal vaping habits, it’ll last you few days to a week.

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The Okami OMNI disposable vape is inhale activated. It doesn’t have any buttons or settings to fumble about with. It boasts a contoured mouthpiece that feels comfortable to vape on. This also helps identify which end to vape on in low light. The flavor is decent and is comparable to most disposable vape devices. It produces minimal vapor and as a result, is ideal for stealth vaping.

The Okami OMNI disposable comes in five different flavors that include strawberry lemonade, passionfruit, mint, lush ice, and also grape ice. I personally preferred strawberry lemonade and grape ice. The menthol delivered a fantastic throat hit. I also found they flavor lasted a bit longer than other disposable devices I’ve tried in the past.

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A single Okami OMNI disposable vape will set you back $10 USD from the official Okami website. Other online vendors have them priced a bit cheaper and I’ve even seen some on sale for just $2.95 USD. I think that’s a more than fair asking price. It’s a great alternative to cigarettes that can cost much more than that. I would recommend this vape to anyone that’s looking for a healthier alternative to smoking.


The Okami OMNI disposable vape packaging design is pretty cool. Each box features a similar design but with a distinct color that matches the flavor you’ll find inside. The box also details the nicotine strength, puffs, and flavor profile. Inside is a colored plastic wrapper that contains your disposable pod. Two silicone caps can be found on either end of your device. This protects it from dust and contaminants.

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