Looking for the best vape tank for flavor? Are you new to vaping and want to find out about some standout sub-ohm tanks that have stood the test of time? Then check out our overall top 5 vape tanks for delicious flavors and fluffy clouds from the last decade.

Vaping is rapidly gaining popularity around the world, but it doesn’t take long to move up from basic e-cigarettes to more powerful vaporizers. I personally started checking out good cheap vape tanks in the beginning and then transitioning into more expensive items.

Different vaporizers and coil setups will produce varied results and satisfactory levels. This is why you need to choose your tank and coil carefully. It will need to suit your vaping style and preferences. The main aspects of what makes a good tank include vapor production and flavor density.

Anyways let’s get into what We Vape Mods think is the best vape tank for flavor. Please bear in mind that this list is for best sub-ohm tanks, not RDA or RTA‘s.

What Is The Best Vape Tank For Flavor?

Horizon Tech Falcon King Sub-ohm Vape Tank

Horizon Tech Falcon King Sub-ohm Vape Tank

The Horizon Falcon King is a 25mm sub-ohm device that is manufactured by Horizon Tech. This well known Chinese company have created a fantastic tank that produces great flavor. The Falcon King can hold 4ml’s of your favorite vape juice and is a breeze to refill. This can be done by the new click to open top cap mechanism. You will notice that the fill holes on this tank are quite large, resulting in minimal mess.

The resin drip tip that comes with your Falcon King is absolutely beautiful and so well made. This attention to detail makes vaping on the Horizon Falcon King that much better. You will also receive 2 different types of premade coils including the M-Dual Mesh (0.38ohm) and M1 Single Mesh (0.16ohm). Also, the airflow that you can pump through these suckers is amazing, as a result, making the flavor and clouds superb.

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FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub-ohm Vape Tank

FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub-ohm Vape Tank

Second, on our list is the FreeMax Mesh Pro sub-ohm tank. This tank comes with a new type of coil that utilities mesh instead of your standard wood or flax material. This guarantees maximum flavor with the added bonus of your coil lasting a little longer. The tank design is another advantageous reason to pick it up. I can imagine the vivid swirl pattern would be a complimentary top to any type of mod.

Your glass can hold a whopping 6ml’s of eliquid and features your usual easy to fill top cap. This sub-ohm tank has been on the market for a while now and is known to be quite durable and reliable. On the sides, you will have access to two adjustable airflow slots that can be changed to your liking.

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Aspire Cleito Pro Sub-Ohm Tank

Aspire Cleito Pro Sub-ohm Tank

Aspire have been around since vaping came into existence. The Aspire Cleito Pro is a great little sub-ohm tank that can produce some really good flavor. It’s from a long line of Cleito sub-ohm tanks that have performed so good over the years. You can put 4.2ml’s of vape juice in this tank, which should last you a long time.

It features a unique three slot airflow which provides maximum vapor and flavor output. Embracing some of the more recent advancements in vaping technology, the Aspire Cleito has a top slide fill cap which is even more convenient than previous models featured.

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SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra Edition

SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra Edition

Last but not least we introduce to you the SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra Edition. I’m sure everyone has heard of SMOK by now. They have been releasing some of the best products this year, across the board. The Prince Cobra Edition is no different sporting a brand new mesh look with all the same great technology inside.

Using the new mesh strip coils that come with your Prince Cobra, can achieve massive clouds and flavorful hits. Also, this sub-ohm tank can hold 7ml’s of ejuice using the standard glass or you can purchase a bulb glass which can hold 8ml’s. To fill your tank all you need to do is slide and fill. SMOK was one of the first companies to include this neat feature.

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Comment below what you think is the best vape tank for flavor. Also, did you agree with our list, let us know.

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